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University of Northern Iowa undergraduate students in music receive scholarships each year ranging from $2,000 to $24,000 over four years. The majority of scholarships may be renewable for four years based upon successful progress and available funding. There are opportunities for both entering students and currently enrolled students.

The online scholarship application is only available for students who have applied for admission to the UNIversity of Northern Iowa. To apply for an audition and scholarships to the School of Music, complete the application form at: http://www.uni.edu/music/music-supplement-university-scholarship-application

If you have not applied for admission to UNI and still wish to audition, please contact the School of Music office for additional information (e-mail music@uni.edu or call (319) 273-2024).

Click here to read through the Music Scholarship FAQs.

Entering Student Scholarship Information

By completing the UNIversity Scholarship Application you are applying for the following scholarships:

Alta Freeman Scholarship
Dr. Berdena J. Nelson Beach, PhD Endowed Music Scholarship
Beth Gilbert Excellence in Music Scholarship
Bruce Bengtson School of Music Scholarship
C.A. Fullerton Scholarship
C. Hugh Pettersen Scholarship
Caryl Becker Memorial Scholarship
Catherine E. Boysen Scholarship
Charles & Marleta Matheson Scholarship *
Constance Speake Music Education Scholarship
D & J Opera Scholarship
Dale C. & Enid H. Harris Instrumental Music Endowed Scholarship
Dean Simpson Scholarship
Dee Silver Family Scholarship
Don & Barbara Gray Music Education Scholarship
Donald Hudson Ford Scholarship
Dorothy Jean Ray Music Scholarship
Edward Frampton Kurtz Scholarship
Emil Bock Scholarship
Esther Bley Rinker Scholarship
Eudora Carey Hoyer Scholarship
Florence Christianson Scholarship
Floyd Music Scholarship
Howard & Mary Easter Scholarship
Janice Bullard Memorial Music Scholarship
Jim Coffin Endowed Jazz Scholarship
John E. Partington Scholarship
John Miller/Mary Lou Mamminga Scholarship
Julia Bullard Viola Scholarship
Jvone E. Maxwell Scholarship
Karen & Laurence Hutzell Scholarship
Karen Ewoldt Kruse Scholarship
Karl Holvik Scholarship
Ken & Clara Trapp Memorial Scholarship
Leland Sage Scholarship
Les Hale Endowed Fund
Leslie Morgan Voice Endowed Scholarship
Loraine Ericksen Ames Music Scholarship
Lori Blauwet '81 Annual Music Scholarship
Mark C. Falb Endowed Fund for Applied Music in Trumpet
Mark C. Falb Endowed Fund for Applied Music in Tuba
Martha Ellen Tye Scholarship
Mary Werning Earley Music Scholarship
Milton Mikesh Scholarship
Murtis Thoreson Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Piano Pedagogy
Musical Excellence Endowed Scholarship
Myron E. and Ruth M. Russell Music Scholarship *
Nolte-Miller String Scholarship
Noma Rupprich Jebe Scholarship
Olive Barker Memorial Scholarship
Philip & Sachi Snyder Outstanding Jazz Improvisation Award
Presser Foundation *
Ralph & Jane Sherwin Schwartz Endowed Opera Fund Scholarship
Randall Stone Endowed Piano Scholarship
Randy A. Hogancamp Endowed Percussion Scholarship
Robert Dean Scholarship *
Robert & Margaret Bradford Scholarship
Robert & Mary Franken Scholarship
Robert Waller Jazz Scholarship Quasi-Endowment
Roger & Marcella Olesen Family Endowed Music Scholarship
Russell Baum Scholarship
Russell Baum Piano Scholarship
Ruth Miller Donaldson Scholarship
School of Music International Scholarship
School of Music Jazz Scholarship
School of Music, Music Benefit Scholarship
String & Harp Scholarship
Susan Akerman Scholarship
Thomas Capps Memorial Jazz Scholarship
UNI New Horizons Band Scholarship
UNI Opera Guild Scholarship
Vaughan Senior Tuba Award Endowed Fund
Voice Performance Scholarship
Walter & Gwendolyn McCague Brown Scholarship
William & Charlotte Hinson Scholarship
William P. Hansen Scholarship
William Zaputil Music Education Scholarship
Young American Drum & Bugle Corps Scholarship

For more information on these scholarships, please contact us.

* Scholarships followed by an asterisk may require additional application forms and/or live performance competition participation in order to be awarded. For details contact us.


Non-major scholarships:

Scholarships for students in majors other than music are sometimes available. These scholarships are for students that play certain instruments: bassoon, cello, double bass, euphonium, horn, oboe, tuba, viola and violin. If you would like to schedule an audition for a non-major scholarship, please contact Dr. Melinda Boyd at melinda.boyd@uni.edu


Currently Enrolled Student Information

The Emerging Artist Competition will be held on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, with preliminary round held on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. Application for 2022 is below. 

Emerging Artist Competition Application Details (2022) 
Emerging Artist Competition Application Form (2022)

Scholarship Auditions for currently enrolled UNI students must be submitted as video by April 1. Click here for instructions and to complete the application form. 

The preliminary rounds for the Instrumental Concerto Competition will be held October 26, 2022, and the finals will be held in Great Hall on Wednesday, November 2, 2022. Application (due by April 29) and rules for 2022 are below. 

Instrumental Concerto Competition: (application - 2022) (rules - 2022)