Artist Diploma Certificate

The Artist Diploma is a non-degree-granting professional certificate program awarded by the School of Music for the successful completion of performance studies combined with general music studies.

The curricular content of the proposed Artist Diploma program is designed to provide the student aspiring toward a professional performance career the opportunity to study and perform solo literature and chamber music without taking all the academic course requirements of a master’s degree. Students have outstanding and extensive performance opportunities, in addition to focused study in their applied area. Supplemental coursework is selected from available classes in music literature, pedagogy, or other areas as appropriate to the student’s area of focus.

Students in this program are well-prepared for further graduate studies in music, and frequently go on to successful auditions, competitions, and performance careers in music.

There are two diploma options: the Artist Diploma 1 and 2. 

  • The Artist Diploma I Graduate Certificate consists of 15 credit hours in applied music, music ensembles, music electives and one (1) Diploma Recital
  • The Artist Diploma II Graduate Certificate consists of 30 credit hours in applied music, music ensembles, music electives and two (2) Diploma Recitals.

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