Auditions for Ensembles

Ensembles at UNI School of Music are the best way to get involved. If you are a music major, get involved in several groups and fill your days and nights with performing amazing music under the direction of our top notch faculty and conductors. If you’re not a music major but love music, join a group and stay involved in making music while you pursue other dreams. Not looking to join a group but still love music? Come and be a world-class audience member.

Concert Ensembles are open to all university students regardless of major by audition each semester.

All instrumental music majors and scholarship non-majors/minors are required to audition for a concert ensemble every semester. Please see the Large Ensemble Requirements document for additional information for music major ensemble requirements for your degree. 

Current students: once you have been assigned to an ensemble after auditions, please be sure to check your schedule and make sure that you are registered for the correct ensemble(s) in your class schedule.