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New Music Festival

PLEASE NOTE: We are transitioning to a new website and hope to launch registration and updated information for our 22-23 festivals and workshops by August 19. 


The University of Northern Iowa School of Music will hold its second annual New Music Festival March 10-12, 2022. The festival will feature guest composer and performer Molly Joyce, and accordionist Branko Džinović as well as UNI faculty and student performers.

The festival will offer three concerts:

- Thursday, March 10 at 6 p.m. in Bengtson Auditorium, Russell Hall

- Friday, March 11 at 8 p.m. in Davis Hall, Gallagher Bluedorn

- Saturday, March 12 at 8 p.m. also in Davis Hall

Click here to view the concert programs. 

Additional Public Events:

- Branko Džinović - Composition Seminar Lecture Friday 3/11 @ 11am (Russel Hall, Room 147)

- Molly Joyce - Composition Seminar Lecture Friday 3/11 @ 2pm (Russel Hall, Room 147)


From electronica-inspired songs to virtuosic tour-de-force new music, these concerts will span a dazzling array of artistry, aesthetics and appeal, and celebrate new music on the UNI campus.

The festival is being coordinated by UNI faculty artists Sang Koh, assistant professor of violin, Kramer Milan, instructor of percussion, and Daniel Swilley, assistant professor of music. Reflecting on the uniqueness of the festival, in relation to the usual works studied and performed in the School of Music, Koh said, “While it is important to know where we have been, it is just as important to appreciate where we are so that we can gain glimpses into what is possible in the future. The New Music Festival samples the music of today to give audiences insights into the immense potential of music going forward, particularly when it can be created, shared, and enjoyed by anyone.” Swilley added, “The music of our time does not enjoy the same level of exposure as the music of centuries past. It is commonplace to attend concerts where not a single piece on the program was composed in the last 50 or even 100 years. We need events like the New Music Festival to showcase the vibrant and diverse output of living composers! We need the art of our time - the art generated by the human condition of our time.” Milan agreed, adding, “There simply has never been this assembly of performers, composers, and artists together in a room. Music for voice, electronics, accordion, large and small ensembles alike, and music never before heard. This festival has something for everyone.”

All three festival concerts are free and open to the public.

For more information on the New Music Festival contact Sang Koh, Kramer Milan or Daniel Swilley.

About our Guest Artists

Molly JoyceBranko Džinović
Click here to learn more about Molly Joyce.Click here to learn more about Branko Džinović