The goal of this initiative is to highlight diversity and inclusion in the School of Music (SOM) curriculum, programming, guest artist recitals, and guest speaker presentations. The faculty of the SOM will continue to prioritize the representation of historically under-represented groups in these areas. The students of the SOM will join faculty in the planning and presentation of these highlighted events and activities and by engaging in the ongoing discussion about diversity, equity, and inclusion within the SOM. 

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Curriculum Highlights

Areas of curriculum where the Amplify Inclusivity mission has been elevated for 2022-23: 

Topics in Music History and Culture: American Music
(MUS HIST 3200/5200)
View the syllabus here

Topics in Music History and Culture: Chant From Manuscript
(MUS HIST 3200/5200)
Students in this class indexed, studied, and performed from a late medieval chant manuscript from the Dominican convent of Saint-Louis de Poissy, France. Their work will result in digital publication in the Cantus Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant, an international collaborative digital humanities project.

Ludomusicology: Studies in Video Game Music
(MUS HIST 6286)
This course presented the opportunity to study music in a popular medium led by East Asian composers. Students presented at the INSPIRE conference and collaborated with the UNI Museum to create an original exhibit for the Russell Hall lobby cases.