Prospective Horn Students and FAQ

Are scholarships available?

     Yes. Scholarships are available to majors and non-majors. Music majors get priority but funding is available. Make sure to apply to UNI and fill out the Music Supplement form

Do I need to own my own horn to play at UNI? 

     No! We have plenty of instruments available for checking out at an affordable fee of $40/semester. 

What mouthpiece should I play on? 

     Mouthpieces are so personal that it depends on the player. A great starting point is the Laskey Protege or Laskey 80G (make sure to get the American shank). These mouthpieces have larger inner diameters that allow for more lip to vibrate in the mouthpiece. The UNI Horn Studio has plenty of mouthpieces for you to try. Schedule a free prospective student lesson to figure out what is the right fit for you! Email:

I'm looking to buy a new horn. What should I try?

     When purchasing a new horn, you need to consider budget and you/your student's goals. Yamaha 671 is my favorite to recommend because they are built well, have a nice sound, good pitch, and are consistent from horn to horn. They are easily upgradable and will grow with a developing player without having to spend in the 5 digits. The Yamaha 871 is the higher end version of the 671 - a professional instrument with excellent resonance and playability. While other makes can be more affordable at first, they have quality control flaws among others and lose significant value if you decide to upgrade and will be harder to sell; you'll end up losing money in the long run.  

Should I be a music major? 

If the following apply to you, then yes. 

     1. You have deep desire to make a career out of music. 

     2. You are a disciplined student and practice regularly. 

     3. You have talent/skill on the horn.