Horn Studio

Welcome to the UNI Horn Studio!

Horn Students at UNI experience a variety of musical experiences as majors and non-majors. As a music major, you'll engage in private lessons, large ensembles, horn choir, and more - all of which are available opportunities to non-majors. Under the instruction of Dr. Maddy Tarantelli, all horn players are welcome to join a weekly warm-up where we go through a routine of exercises that level-up your playing. Other playing opportunities include:

/ Horn Choir

/ Horn Lessons

/ Group Warm-Up

/ Wind Ensemble

/ Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra

/ Symphonic Band

/ Panther Marching Band

/ Pep Bands


Horn majors can expect supportive lessons where your goals and degree requirements set you off into fulfilling your musical dreams. Your playing will develop through diligent preparation where you focus on your improvement rather than checking boxes of perfection. Students in the Horn Studio learn to play with ease, beautiful sound, and technique to serve the music you engage in. 



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