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UNI Cello Day

November 13, 2021

The University of Northern Iowa cello studio is excited to host a workshop day for cellists. Our goal is to provide a day full of music-making and learning for all participants! For questions, contact Hannah.Holman@uni.edu

NEW!! Please note, if you are not able to attend in person, all possible activites will be offered by Zoom, as well! Please register below and let Hannah.Holman@uni.edu know that you'd like to participate by Zoom. 


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This year's guest artists will be: 

Anna Clift, St. Olaf cello faculty and founder and Executive Director of the International Cello Institute
Laura Shaw, cello faculty Preucil School of Music



9 am: Meet and Greet
9:30 am: Warm up
10 am-12 pm: Anna Clift masterclass - College age
12-1 pm: Lunch ~ please bring your own. We will provide water and individually wrapped snacks.
1 pm: Cello Choir
2 pm: Round table discussion on all things cello related: life in the profession, career paths, searching for a new instrument. Bring your questions!
3-5 pm: Laura Shaw masterclass - High School age
5-6 pm: Break
6 pm: Mini Concert - Cello Choir, and small ensembles
7 pm: Go home inspired!  :)
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