Verismo will meet during the summer.  Please contact Cathy Craig at for more information.


Verismo Maestro

    • Fee: $0
    • Coach: John Chiles
    • Auditions: blind auditions will occur when there is an opening.
    • Audition date: to be announced
    • Level: Advanced (high school)
    • Participation: full school year, weekly sessions
    • Rehearsal weeks: See schedule here Every week sessions.
    • Placement: with others of like abilities. Only one quartet will be formed. Openings in the quartet will be announced each fall. 
    • Performances: UNI Suzuki School fall recital weekends at 3:30 on Saturday.  
    • Outreach performances are required.
    • Online registration required prior to auditions


Verismo! (at least age 8, music reader in at least book 2)

Introduction to chamber music for players in trios or quartets.

    • Every player is a soloist.  Learn to listen and lead as you collaborate with your peers.
    • Fee:  $100 per semester
    • Coach: John Chiles and other Suzuki School staff
    • Level: determined by members
    • Participation: full school year, weekly sessions
    • Rehearsal weeks: See Schedule here.
    • Placement: with others of like abilities
    • Pre-existing ensembles welcomed
    • Literature: by level
    • Performances: Saturday at 3:30 on UNI Suzuki School recital weekends
    • Online Registration required prior to auditions

 Verismo Pops Summer Festival- to be announced

    • Fee: $40
    • Music Director: John Chiles
    • Level: must be able to read music (grades 3 and up)
    • Schedule: 3:00 - 4:00 
    • Final Concert:
    • Literature: Movie & Pop themed literature
    • Multi-level orchestra sessions
    • Online registration by July 15 is required.  Select VERISMO POPS

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