UNI Suzuki Registration

NA is acceptable for fields with no answer.

Home Address:
Announcements and bulletins will be sent via email to the family email address and to the student’s email address if provided. One additional address may be included to receive these announcements.
The following section must be completed for group or chamber music assignment consideration for all students. If the student is a beginner (one who has not had any lessons), enter NA in required fields. If not a beginner but a first time registrant, please complete as much information as possible so we can assess the student’s correct placement. PreTwinklers-students not yet playing Twinkle in book 1—should put PT as their current piece. Please indicate NA if not applicable to registrant.
Only enter the number on the case, leave out letters.
Adult students can skip this section
This person will be the primary name on this account. Invoices will be sent to this person.
List all times student is available for lessons on each of the following days
New students receive their first one at no charge, current students will be billed for $10.
I understand that my financial obligation to the UNI Suzuki School is for the entire academic year, late August through May. Should lessons be discontinued during that time, I agree to pay all fees in full. Early withdrawal with dismissal of fees may be granted upon DIRECTOR APPROVAL ONLY, in cases such as moving out of the area, injury or extended illness. I understand that if I default on payments, lessons will be discontinued and my bad debt will be sent on to a collection agency for payment.
I understand that my financial obligation to the UNI Suzuki School will include a $75 per student registration fee and a $20 per student or $25 per family general activity fee (also known as the intent to register fee) and that these are both due before or at registration. Does not apply to adult students, adult orchestra members, and NIYO, NIJO or Verisimo only students.
I understand that participation in all private lessons, group lessons, ensembles, recitals and concerts will ensure the optimum success and progress.
I understand that the UNI Suzuki School may photograph and/or video record any UNI Suzuki School function which my family attend. I hereby grant UNI Suzuki School my permission to use such photos or videos for educational, historical or publicity purposes.
Your contact information will be shared with the UNI Suzuki Association and other staff members.
I give the UNI Suzuki School permission to share this email address with
Financial Information

The $75 registration fee per child can be paid by credit card after you click SUBMIT. If you are unable to access this option, please contact us at cathy.craig@uni.edu. Other fees will be paid separately, as noted below.

Parking tag order
Tag(s) will be available for purchase at registration. Indicate the number of tags below.
x $38.40 (8/22/21-8/21/22)-requires separate check payable to UNI
Lesson fees, instrument rent & other fees