UNI Suzuki Association

The UNI Suzuki Association is a non-profit corporation established to support the UNI Suzuki School.  Members of the association's governing board are parents and other interested adults who are charged with the responsibility supporting the school by serving as an advisory board for setting policy and charting the course for the future as well as coordinating volunteers and raising funds.  This is a working board, and many helping hands are needed for communication, hospitality, etc.   Your participation and interest are needed and your ideas are welcomed.  The UNI Suzuki School is an organization which believes parents need to have, and should have, a say in their children's education.  

Parents interested in serving on the board should contact the current board president, their teacher or the Suzuki Director or Coordinator.

Current officers are:  (to meet current board members or for their contact information, scroll down)

•Jennifer Christiason, president

•Anu Iyer, vice president

•Veena Shettigar, secretary

•Sharon Mord, treasurer

Board members have assisted with:

•redesigning the registration procedures

•helping with play-ins and other special performances

•assisting with workshops and master classes

• hosting parent meetings

•planning the family ice cream social and talent show

•organizing volunteers

•updating the UNI Suzuki School Handbook

•donations to the Streed Memorial Library

•participating in summer civic events

•working to get media coverage of our events

•contacting parents to help with treats at all of our events

•fund raising-  Because fees do not cover all operating and financial aid expenses during the year, a special fund raising committee organizes several events during the year. The proceeds benefit everyone and enhance the quality of our program.  The committee welcomes your ideas and suggestions.

 Jennifer Christiason is mom to Suzuki cellist, Lars (11th grade). Her oldest son, Ben was a violinist in the program until his 2016 graduation from CFHS.  Jen is a nurse working for Allen Women's Health.  She loves to run, read fiction, watch netflix, connect with friends, and learn something new everyday.  Jen say, "Suzuki has been with us through many life transitions and its music is a soothing language in our home."  Jen is currently serving as UNISA Board President and organizes the recital staff hospitality room and hosts for the recital receptions. 



Sharon Mord (along with her husband-- Jan) has three boys, the youngest of which is Andrew (9th grade at Peet), who is involved in the UNI Suzuki School and plays cello.  Sharon teaches at UNI in the Textile & Apparel program, is originally from Central Illinois, and is a farm girl at heart.


Meredith Christ can be found at Russell Hall more days than not each week.  Her three sons are all in the program-Ethan plays guitar, Alex cello, and Ben currently plays violin with the intent of switching to viola next year.  This is the family's fifth year at the Suzuki School.

Veena Shettigar (and her husband Paresh) have two daughters, Bhoomika and Rishika.  Bhoomika has been learning to play violin at UNI Suzuki School for more than 8 years. Veena works as an engineer and loves music, cooking and reading.

Gyobanna Driver is a native of Bogota, Colombia and mom to Madelyn (violin-age 5).  She joined the board in 2017 and has been involved as a Suzuki parent since 2014.  She is a physician working at Sartori Hospital Emergency department.  She has been involved in a number of community organizations and participated in medical missions in Colombia, Haiti and Jamaica through the years.  She is currently an active member of the YWCA.  She loves dancing and traveling with her husband, Jeff.

Anu Iyer

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Jan Nagle had two daughters in the Suzuki School starting in 1980, and now has a granddaughter and grandson in the school.  She works in their family-owned business, Nagle Signs, Inc. with her husband John and all three of her children. Jan serves as t-shirt chairman.

President: Jennifer Christiason

At large: Meredith Christ

Secretary: Veena Shantigiu Shettigar


at large member: Jan Nagle  (t-shirts)

at large member: Gyobanna Driver

Vice President: Anu Iyer

UNI: Suzanne Bullard (UNI Suzuki School director)

UNI: Julia Bullard (UNI School of Music liaison)

UNI: Cathy Craig (UNI Suzuki School coordinator)