Registration Day


11:00 - 1:00 in Russell Hall

All currently enrolled students are expected to complete their registration on or before Registration Day which is Step 2 of the registration process.  Step 2 is Online Registration which must  be submitted by August 10th so teachers can arrange their teaching schedules with the information each family provides prior to registration.  

If you are unable to attend registration: Group information and teachers schedules will be posted on the website by August 22.   If you mail a check in advance to the UNI Suzuki Office before the the first day of the session, your tag will be given to your individual lesson teacher and available at your first lesson.  MAIL TO: UNI Suzuki School, University of Northern Iowa, Russell Hall 115, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0246

No student will be given lessons until a portion of the years' fees is paid.  Students not responding by submitting their registration online. Recurring Payment Form (for the 9 payment option) should be mailed to the Office of Business Operations at UNI by August 15.  Once time payment option should be paid by August 31.

In addition to activities related to enrollment, other tasks can be accomplished during registration including: lesson time confirmation, group assignments, distribution of t-shirts, sign-ups for orchestra and chamber music auditions, and collecting volunteers for the year's activities. 

REMEMBER TO SUBMIT YOUR SCHEDULE BEFORE AUGUST 10th SO TEACHERS CAN PREPARE THEIR SCHEDULES PRIOR TO REGISTRATION DAY.  Please put every possible conflict and every possible lesson time on your form.   Teachers need all this info before registration day.  Teachers prefer to keep the same lesson time throughout the school year so keep in mind seasonal conflicts when filling out the schedule portion of the registration form.

More details about fees can be found by clicking here.

Check # 1:  Make this check payable to "UNI."  LOBBY

• UNI Parking Fees:  $38.40 per tag. 

You will need to pay for this in cash (bring correct change) or by separate check payable to UNI.  

Please indicate on the registration form if you are ordering tags.   

Suzuki Visitor Tags are only available through the Suzuki School office.  They are not available at UNI Public Safety office.

Details about parking at UNI can be found here.

CHECK #2:  Payable to UNI Suzuki Strings Association LOBBY

T-shirt purchases

NEW  All other payments will be billed by the university business office.  Do not pay any fees until you have received payment information.

All other registration day business:

•NIJO & NIYO audition information

•Inventory instruments, distribute group lists & fall semester information more efficiently.

•Recruit volunteers for various upcoming events including outreach performances.

•Distribute fund raising info.

•Distribute information about area music performances.

•Assign each student a lesson and group time based on the information you've provided on your schedule sheet.  It saves our teachers hundreds of phone calls and emails.