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Check Points for Suzuki Parents

  1. Listen regularly to recordings.
  2. Take notes during lessons so that you can remember key points when teaching at home.
  3. Be positive about practice sessions. Do not suggest it as a chore.
  4. Practice daily, even if only a minimum can be done.
  5. Make practice sessions a learning experience - not just play-alongs with the tapes.
  6. Note the rate of praise to criticism in your comments to the child.
  7. Be enthusiastic. Children can immediately sense your lack of interest.
  8. Try to discuss the lesson or practice it immediately afterwards to better remember the lesson.
  9. Attend concerts and recitals to expose the child and yourself to music.
  10. Do not ask for too much in a practice session at one time.

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Thanks to "The Suzuki Violinist" by William Starr.  1976.  Kingston Ellis Press.

Book available in our UNI Suzuki School library.