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Somer Streed Library

Items are available for checkout from the Suzuki School office.              

Title                                          Author

adult fiction           

  • Antonietta                                         Hersey, John            
  • Canone Inverso                              Maurensig, Paolo            
  • The Soloist                                       Salzman, Mark            
  • Violin                                                  Rice, Anne


  • 21st Century Violinists                   VanClay, Mary ed.             
  • Composer's Fandex                       none             
  • Fiddler to the World, Inspiring    Behrman, Carol             
  • Lives of the Musicians                   Krull, Kathleen             
  • More Stories of Composers for  Kendall, Catherine Wolff             
  • Musical Prodigies                           Kenneson, Claude             
  • Nadja, On my Way                         Salerno-sonnenberg, Nadja             
  • Speaking in Strings                         Sonnenberg             
  • Stories of Composers for               Kendall, Catherine Wolff             
  • Teaching Genius                             Sand, Barbara Lourie             
  • The Life and Work of                     Suzuki              
  • Violin Virtuosos                             VanClay, Mary


  • A  Fiddle For Angus                        Wilson, Budge             
  • Anatole and the Piano                   Titus, Eve             
  • Beethhoven Lives Upstairs           Nichol, Barbara             
  • Bramble Brown the Bear and      Merrill, Kathryn             
  • Donald Plays the Violin                 Patch, Karen             
  • Ferdinand & Friends/Ridout        Ridout             
  • I Can Play My Violin Just as          Keith, Margaret             
  • If This and That, Then What?      Butrick, Lyn McClure             
  • Krissy's Violin                                  Chell, Evangeline             
  • Long Live Music                               Peles, Les Chats             
  • Meet the Orchestra                       Hayes, Ann             
  • Mole Music                                      McPhail, David             
  • Musical Life of Gustav Mole         Meyrick, Kathryn             
  • Peter and the Wolf/                       Philadelphia
  • Tchaikovsky Discovers America   Kalman, Esther          
  • The Bat Boy and His Violin           Curtis, Gavin             
  • The Cello of Mr. O                          Cutler, Jane             
  • The Orchestra                                 Rubin, Mark             
  • The Remarkable Farkle McBride Lithgow, John             
  • The Story of Ferdinand                 Leaf, Munro             
  • Twinkle, Twinkle                             O'Brien, Tim              
  • Zin! in! Zin! A Violin                        Moss, Lloyd

 children/non fiction + CD             

  • Music in the Wood                         Cornelissen, Cornelia

 children/ poetry             

  • People of Note, A Score of           McKinney, Laurence

 children/non fiction             

  • Fiddlin' Sam                                     Dengler, Marianna              
  • Music                                                Santrey, Laurence             
  • The Master Violinmaker               Fleisher, Paul             
  • When Can I Clap Daddy?              Keith, Margaret


  • The New PreTwinkle Book            Merrill, Kathryn;Brandt Jean


  • Work is Play if you Practice          Keith, Margaret             
  • You Can't Reach a Goal You've    Keith, Margaret

 Music theory/chldren             

  • No H in Snake                                  Yurko, Michiko

 musician advice             

  • No Time to Practice                        Agopian, Edmond             
  • Playing Less Hurt                            Horvath, Janet             
  • Stage Fright                                      Havas, Kato             
  • The Art of Practicing                      Bruser, Madeline             
  • The Inner Game of Music             Green, Barry             
  • The Musician's Survival Manual Norris, Richard             
  • The Young Musician's Guide        Nathan, Amy              
  • Violin Owner's Manual                 Scott, Heather Ed.             
  • Walk on the North Side                 Primrose, William

 parent tips             

  • Dare to Discipline                           Dobson, James             
  • Everybody Wins                              Sobel, Jeffrey             
  • Everything Depends on How       Tanaka, Shigeki             
  • First Class Tips for Suzuki              Suzuki Assoc.             
  • Helping Parents Practice, Ideas  Spring, Edmund             
  • I Love To Practice                            Halls, Yvonne & Steiner, Patricia             
  • Mommy, Can We Practice            Parkinson, Margaret             
  • Your Child's Self Esteem               Briggs, Dorothy Corkville

 practice tips            

  • How to Get Your Child to               Richards, Cynthia


  • A Parent's Guide to String             Fink, Lorraine            
  • Child Art                                           Lewis, Hilda Present             
  • Classical Music For Everybody     Sethma, Dhun             
  • Introduction to Music Education  Hoffer, Charles             
  • Performer Playing Cards                CARDS             
  • Amadeus Book of the Violin        Kolneder, Walter             
  • The NPR Classical Music                Hoffman, Miles


  • Ah, Music!                                        Brandenburg, Aliki             
  • Cellos                                    
  • The Story of the Orchestra


  • A Suzuki Parent's Diary                  Morris, Carroll              
  • Ability Development from Age    Suzuki, Shinichi             
  • An Introduction to the Suzuki      Suzuki             
  • Diamond in the Sky                        Cannon, Jerlene             
  • In the Suzuki Style                          Mills, Elizabeth             
  • Journey Down the Kreisler           Timmerman, Craig             
  • My Scale Book                                  Maurer, Jaqueline             
  • Nurtured by Love                           Suzuki, Shinichi             
  • Shinichi Suzuki, The Man &          Hermann, Evelyn             
  • Suzuki Changed My Life                Honda, Masaaki             
  • Suzuki Education in Action           Cook, Clifford             
  • Suzuki Images                                 Montzka, Arthur             
  • Suzuki, Man of Love                       Honda, Masaaki             
  • Talent Education for Young          Suzuki, Shinichi             
  • Teaching from Balance Point        Kreitman, Ed             
  • The Genius of Simplicity                Wickes, Linda             
  • The PreTwinkle Book                     Merrill, Kathryn;Brandt, Jean             
  • The Suzuki Concept                        Suzuki et al             
  • The Suzuki Violin Method in        Kendall, John             
  • The Vehicle of Music                      Honda, Masaaki             
  • They're Rarely Too Young &         Slone, Kay Collier             
  • To Learn with Love                         Starr, William; Starr, Constance             
  • Where Love is Deep                       Suzuki, Shinichi


  • Teaching Music With Passion      Boonshaft, Peter Loel             
  • The String Teacher's Handbook Henkle, Ted


  • Sandy Bottom Orchestra              Keilor, Garrison;Nilsson, Jenny             
  • The Facts & Fictions of Minna      MacLachlan, Patricia             
  • The Fiddler's Secret                        Johnson, Lois Walfred             
  • The Mozart Season                        Wolff, Virginia Euwer            
  • Yang the Youngest...                      Namioka, Lensey

RECORDINGS/biographical for children

  • Beethoven Lives Upstairs-biographical
  • Hallelujah Handel -biographical 
  • Mr. Bach Comes to Call-biographical 
  • Mozart's Magnificent  Voyage-biographical 
  • Tchaikovsky Discovers America-biographical 
  • Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery-biographical 


  • Beethoven's Wig 1, 2, 3, 4 --Sing Along Symphonies 
  • Blue Moo - Sandra Boynton 
  • Elmo and The Orchestra 
  • Ferdinand the Bull and other Classics 
  • Philadelphia Chickens - Sandra Boynton 
  • Rhinoceros Tap - Sandra Boynton 



  • Saint-Saens--Yo Yo Ma, Cello 


  • Bach--Sonata 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6--William Bennet, flute 
  • Beethoven--Concerti in D Major--William Bennet, flute 
  • Handel--Sonata 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6--William Bennet, flute 
  • Multi--Jean-Pierre Rampal, flute 
  • Multi--Serverino Gazzelloni, flute 


  • Mozart--multi artists 
  • Orff Carmina Burana--Orchestra Mozarteum Salzburg, Kurt Prestel 
  • Saint-Saens--C minor, Carnival of the Animals, Berceuse)  
  • Telemann--string concerti 


  • Haydn (Bb, D Major, Eb, C Major, F Major, G Minor) Griller String Quartet 
  • Kronos Quartet, Caravan 
  • Mozart (G minor, D Major, C minor, Eb Major, C Major) Griller String Quartet 


  • Bell, Leonard Bernstein music from West Side Story, Candide & On the Town 
  • Mozart Violin Concerti--Henryk Szerying, violin  
  • Perlman, Concertos from My Childhood (Seitz, Accolay, De Beriot, Viotti) 
  • Perlman re Discovered (Paginini, de Sarate, Handel, and others) 
  • Piazzolla --Gidon Kremer, violin 
  • The Red Violin soundtrack 
  • Schumann (Humoreske, Fantasie)--Alicia de Larrocha 


  • Flow by composer Alan Schmitz 
  • Remembrance--Preucil School Alumni Chamber Soloists 


Past Issues of  

  • Ability Development
  • Strings
  • Suzuki Association of the Americas quarterly journals
  • Teen Strings

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