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Group Lessons

instrumentgroup #teacherDayTimeRoom
cello-c1SuzanneThursday5:00 - 5:30116
cello-c2SuzanneThursday5:30 - 6:15116
cello-c3SuzanneTuesday6:05 - 7:05116
viola-va1HollyTuesday5:45 - 6:30161
viola-va2JohnThursday5:45 - 6:30161
violin-v1a or 100HollyThursday6:00 - 6:30121
violin-v1b or 100MaryThursday6:00 - 6:30157
violin-v1c or 101JohnWednesday5:30 - 6:00161
violin-v2HollyThursday5:30 - 6:00121
violin-v3ToddTuesday5:00 - 5:45157
violin-v4ToddTuesday5:45 - 6:30157
violin-v5MaryTuesday5:45 - 6:30159
violin-v6ThereseTuesday5:45 - 6:30121
guitar1BobTuesday6:00 - 7:0068
OrchestraNIJOTom SchilkeFriday5:00 - 7:00111
OrchestraNIYOJohn ChilesFriday5:00 - 7:00church
VerisnmoJohn Chileschurch

Information about Group Lessons:

Group lesson (repertoire class) is a wonderful opportunity to motivate your child.  They offer a chance to hear pieces which will be worked on in the future and the opportunity to recognize and utilize the skills already learned.  However, there are two other important purposes for having group lessons.

First, group lessons give your child a musical peer group with whom he/she can identify.  Group playing is often slightly below solo material level for the majority of the class and offers a chance for the students to play for each other in a non-threatening environment, develop self-confidence and poise in a group and derive motivation and social enjoyment from their peers and friends.

Second, classes are preparation for ensemble work.  Playing in a group involves an entirely different set of skills than playing a solo.  Many group activities are used to develop a sense of ensemble while reviewing and polishing various technical and musical points in a pleasant and stimulating environment.  Group lessons are valuable aids for motivation since children do learn from advanced students and want to do what they see other children doing.

You and your child are expected to attend group lessons weekly.  It is very difficult for both the teacher and the student to make real progress in ensemble work if the same group is not there as expected.  Please do not send your child to group lessons without coming yourself.  We need your loving and encouraging eyes, ears, and smile.  Often, the teachers in the younger classes need the parent to participate as partner or teacher for your own child.

Your child is placed in a group on the recommendation of his/her private teacher, in consultation with the director.  He/she is moved to another group in the same manner, with consideration of his/her level of advancement, and the needs, goals and makeup of the particular groups.  As in the case of acquiring a new instrument, bigger does not always mean better.  Your child should be able to have both listening and playing experiences in group.   A Book II student in private lessons will not be put in a Book II class until he/she can comfortably play the majority of the material in that book and can work in an ensemble. 

Much of the material presented in group will eventually be incorporated into the private lesson.  These group sessions are planned ahead of time and progress through the semester, so attend regularly, take notes and learn the material yourself so you can reinforce it at home.  To insure that the group lessons are effective and worthwhile for the students, please remember you are responsible for the behavior of any children who might be with you at group time.

In addition to the regular or repertorie class, a variety of other group lessons are offered through out the school year. Click on the purple text for more information about each class.

  • Repertoire or Regular Group Classes--most students will be assigned to this class for most of the year.  Group classes are scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursdays in the 5:00 - 7:00 time frame.
  • All-State Prep Class-for high school students preparing for All-State auditions
  • Theory Class--for junior high or high school students
  • Music History Class--for junior high or high school students
  • Special Performance Group Class-in place of group class for selected students
  • Performance Class-held twice a year in place other group classes
  • Combined Group Class-held for special rehearsals or when parent meetings or to compensate for an absent teacher
  • Special Events in place of group lessons-First week of lessons, recital weeks, Holiday Play-In, Honor event and any week of special rehearsals for the spring concert.

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