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2017-2018 Suzuki Fees

1. Intent-to-Register (also known as General Activity Fee or Young Beginner Class Deposit)

  • $20 per student or $25 per family (young beginners class pay at Open House or the first parent session)
  • Payable to UNI Suzuki Association
  • Due in May for students who plan to return in the fall and in the fall for new students.
  • Separate check required. Do not include in fee payments

2. Registration fee

  • $125 per student (young beginners: $100)
  • Payable to UNI Suzuki
  • Due by registration day in August (young beginners by the first group class in Setember).
  • May include this payment with instrument rental fees and instructional fees.

3. Visitor Parking Tag for parking at UNI

  • $34.40 per tag
  • Payable to UNI
  • Due at enrollment
  • Separate check. Do not include in fee payments

4. Instructional fees

Payable to UNI Suzuki

Scroll down to find the appropriate lesson option.

Payments can be paid in full or divided in equal payments and paid in 2, 4, 8 or 10 installments.

May include instrument rental, registration and ensemble fees

For a printable version with installment options & amounts, click here.

      • Young Beginner Lesson Package (violin/viola)
      • August / September-$100 Orientation
      • October through May-$954.00 (ex.8 payments of $120-see  below for other payment options)
        • 30 minute lesson options (includes young beginner cello and guitar)
        • with group -- $1125 (ex. 10 payments of $114-see printable version or below for other payment options)
        • with group for *advanced student -- $1152
        • with *Master teacher and with group -- $1194
        • without group (available to adult students) -- $1060
          • 45 minute lesson options
          • with group--$1683 (ex. 10 payments of $169--see printable version or below for other payment options)
          • with group for *advanced student --$1734
          • with *Master Teacher and group --$1795
          • without group (available to adult students)--$1622
            • 60 minute lesson options
            • with group--$2233 (ex.10 payments of $224--see printable version or below for other payment options)
            • with group for *advanced student --$2305
            • with *Master Teacher and group --$2376
              • OTHER LESSON OPTIONS--limited and available only via teacher or director approval
              • every other week lessons (usually only offered to adult students)
              • 15 minute lesson (half of 30 minute lesson fee)
              • group only -- $125 per year subject to Director's approval.

5. Instrument rent of UNI Suzuki School owned instruments

  • $19 per month
  • Payable to UNI Suzuki
  • May be included with other UNI Suzuki payments.

6. Other Class Fees

  • First Year Beginner Class-violin/viola--$100 plus $20 deposit
  • Payable to UNI Suzuki School in August.

7. Chamber Ensemble fees

  • Payable to UNI Suzuki
  • Payments can be added to instructional fees.
  • Viva Verismo: $90 per semester
  • Maestro Verismo $0

8. Orchestra Fees

Membership by audition only (NIJO & NIYO).

Northern Iowa Youth Orchestra

  • $320 (can be made in two installments)
  • Payable to UNI Suzuki
  • Due from participants at the beginning of the year (or paid in two installments)
  • Can be added to UNI Suzuki School fee payment.

Northern Iowa Junior Orchestra

  • $170 (annual)
  • Payable to UNI Suzuki
  • Can be added to UNI Suzuki School fee payment.

Cedar Falls Community Orchestra

  • $125 (per semester--fall, spring, summer)
  • Payable to UNI Suzuki
  • Due from participants after the first week of rehearsals
  • Can be added to Suzuki Fees

9. Miscellaneous

  • Early withdrawal fee: $100--requires director approval

Instructional Fees are due as indicated below.

Installment plan:

  • 2 payments: September 15 and January 15 (young beginners: Oct. 15 and Jan. 15)
  • 4 payments: September 15, November 15, January 15, March 15 (Young beginners: Oct. 15, Dec. 15, Feb. 15, April 15)
  • 8 payments: September 15 through April 15 (young beginners: Oct. 15 - May 15)
  • 10 payments: September 15 through June 1 (not available to young beginners)

Payments can be given to the Suzuki Coordinator, Cathy Craig or mailed to: UNI Suzuki School, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0246.  Those with online banking bill pay should use the following information:  use the address listed here and account number is the child's last name.

Instructional Fees Policies

Fees are announced on the annual fee schedule included on the school website. The fees will vary according to the type of lessons you have selected. See the list above for details.

Fees must be paid in advance. At least the registration fee is due before or at fall registration. Installments are due on the 15th of the month. If there is a need to make alternative arrangements for payment differently than the schedule specifies, please contact the Suzuki Coordinator. No bills will be sent but a statement of account is distributed mid-year. A general reminder that payment is due will be posted in email notices.

Payments can be mailed to: UNI Suzuki School, School of Music, Cedar Falls, IA, 50614-0246. They may also be paid at registration, left in the Suzuki mailbox in the UNI School of Music Office (115) of Russell Hall or given directly to the Suzuki Coordinator. Please do not give payments to your teacher.

Regular fees entitle a student to participate in all UNI Suzuki School events which include weekly lesson, group lesson if indicated, play-ins, two recitals with performance classes and performances including the annual spring concert.

The fee is paid regardless of how many lessons a student attends. There will be no refunds for missed lessons. (See #3 of policy statement.)

Enrollment must be made for the full academic year . If discontinuance is unavoidable, arrangements must be made in advance with the Director and an early withdrawal fee assessed.

Limited financial aid is available. A request form is available from the Suzuki Coordinator and must be sent to the school by July 15. Requests must be filed annually.

General Activity Fee:

Per family, due each spring with intent to register form. The fee helps the UNI Suzuki School Association support the school's activities such as accompanist fees for recitals and teacher training scholarships.

Registration Fee:

Per student is due at registration or with registration form for mid-year registrations. This can be combined with fee or instrument payments. This fee helps pay for the administrative costs of the Suzuki School and at the university. This fee is prorated for spring semester enrollment.

Instructional Fee:

Prices listed are for September through May lessons and includes

Enrollment for 33 weeks of Suzuki activity

  • 31 individual lessons
  • 31 group activities (group class, rehearsal or special event)
  • 2 performance classes
  • 2 solo recital performances
  • 1 large ensemble performance (spring concert)
  • Special events (Fall Social, Holiday Play-In, Faculty Recital, Honor's Recital)

Fees do not include extra rehearsals with accompanist for activities outside the UNI Suzuki School. FEES LISTED HERE DO NOT INCLUDE SUMMER SESSION. Fees are charged separately for the summer session to allow more flexibility for scheduling. Fees will be prorated for late starts.


Master Teacher: Fees for students studying with Julia Bullard or Therese Fetter

Advanced Student: Students in book 5 and above

Beginning Class: Students in their first year and enrolled in the Young Beginners Class package