Instrument Care-Violin, Viola & Cello

Care of String Instrument 

  • Handle the instrument, bow and case with care.  Instruments are fragile and can break easily.  Bumping the instrument, either in or out of the case, may cause it to go out of adjustment.
  • Keep the instrument clean.  Each time you finish playing, use a soft cloth to wipe the rosin dust from the instrument, bow stick and strings.
  • Keep the instrument and bow in the case when it is not in use and be certain the case is closed securely.
  • Do not expose the instrument to excessive heat or cold.  Particularly, never leave the instrument inside the car.  The instrument can be severely damaged in a short period of time in extreme temperatures.
  •  Before placing the violin or viola in its case, remove the shoulder rest.  Do not store music inside the case.  When unpacking the cello, take the bow out of the (soft) case first.  When packing the cello, place the bow in the (soft) case last.  This will prevent you from accidentally breaking the bow.
  • Check the angle of the bridge often.  If it is not standing straight, ask your teacher to adjust it.  Do not adjust it yourself.  The bridge is not glued to the body of the instrument.  It remains in position by the tension on the strings.
  • Remind your child not to let others play the instrument without consent of a teacher or parent.  Keep the instrument stored out of reach of siblings.
  • Do not attempt your own repairs.  Ask your teacher for help or contact a qualified repair person.
  • The fine tuners on the violin or viola should not touch the body of the instrument.
  • Do not use polish of any kind on the instrument or bow.  Ask your teacher for proper cleaning instructions.
  • If you hear a rattle or see a loose piece of wood inside the instrument, loosen the strings slightly and take it to a repair technician as soon as possible.  Do not attempt to remove this piece.  It may be the sound post that needs to be reset.

Care of the Bow

  • Bows break very easily.  Treat them with care.
  • Do not touch the hair of the bow.  Moisture, perspiration, oil, or dirt from the hands, face, or hair will spoil the bow hair.
  • Before you begin to play, tighten the bow with the adjusting screw.  Your teacher will show you the correct tension to use.
  • Rosin the bow before each playing session.
  • Loosen the bow hair before you return the bow to the case.