Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available

Looking for the Application? Click here.  Due on or before July 15 for the upcoming school year for UNI Suzuki School lessons.  Mid-year applications may be submitted for new students but note that funds may not be available.  Ensemble fees are also available.  Submit the application after registering for ensemble activity. This application can be used for applying for financial assistance for instructional fees, orchestra or chamber music fees.

NOTE:  No application will be considered for financial assistance until an official online registration form has been received first.  If applying for assistance, please note that in the comment section of your online registration. No fees will be required until your financial assistance award letter has been issued and accepted by the applicant.  

Sliding scale instructional fee assistance

  • Determined by financial assistance request info from applicants received by July 15 of each year, amount of funds available and number of requests received.
  • Does not apply to General Activity Fee or Registration Fee or Parking Fee
  • Cannot be applied to lesson fees with School of Music faculty
  • Limited amount available for first year students
  •  NIYO, NIJO, Verismo, CFCO ensemble members may apply for a rate reduction.

Instrument rent of UNI Suzuki School instruments

  • Free rent to those who qualify above
  • Free rent to those who show need during the year
  • May be awarded to first year students
  • Applicable only if an instrument is available at the time of the request.


  • Must be a Waterloo resident
  • Must show financial need (qualify for reduced price lunch program)
  • Must participate in their school orchestra or band as soon as they are old enough
  • May or may not include Registration Fee, General Activity Fee or Parking
  • May include up to 100% coverage of instructional fees
  • May go to first year students.

Merit Scholarships (not available every year)

  • Limited number given each year, partial scholarship, determined by teacher recommendation
  • Family does not have to request this, it is a teacher initiated request.
  • Family does not have to show financial need.
  • Does not apply to Registration Fee, General Activity Fee or Parking fee

Specific Instrument Scholarships

  • Available only when a donor contributes funds and specifies instrument.
  • Teacher or family can initiate request. Either must be in writing.
  • Does not apply to Registration fees, General Activity Fee or Parking fee

Multiple student discount

  • 4th student enrolled in the school -1/2 off instructional fees
  • 5th and subsequent siblings enrolled - no charge
  • Does not apply to Registration Fees or General Activity Fee or Parking fee
  • Family does not have to show financial need.
  • Family does not have to formally apply for this.
  • Only applies to students enrolled in both individual and group lessons
  • Does not apply to adult lessons fees.

Additional Information

Scholarships are determined before the beginning of the fall semester, if possible. All money available at that time is awarded.

Money available is generated from several sources: The Parke Behn Memorial Scholarship Program (donations, interest from our UNI Foundation Endowment, special UNI Suzuki School/UNI Foundation accounts, UNI Suzuki Association, the Orchestra fund and money generated by instrument rent and donations) and funds raised by the Center City Arts Committee of the NE Iowa Community Foundation for MusicWorks.

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