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UNI School of Music participates in global carillon performance and premiere

Posted on Friday, November 15th, 2019
Group Carillon Picture

The UNI School of Music Guild of Carillonneurs participated in a worldwide collaborative live performance and world premiere of a new composition for carillon on November 13, 2019. The event, planned as part of the launch of the 2019 Nordic Music Days held in Norway, grew into a worldwide event when composer Ellen Lindquist began reaching out to churches, colleges and towns throughout the world, inviting them to participate in the global premiere of her new work “The Sacredness of Trees” for carillon.  

Carillonneurs from Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Australia and the United States participated, with UNI’s Campanile serving as one of seven U.S. participating locations. Performers on carillon at all 16 locations performed the piece on November 13, creating a simultaneous premiere across the world, with collaborating performers from seven countries.

UNI student musicians, and leaders in the UNI Guild of Carillonneurs, Abbie Green, Dakota Andersen, Adam Denner and Brenda Sevcik were the performers and coordinators for day.

“Overall, it was a wonderful experience getting to participate in this worldwide premiere happening simultaneously all over the globe!” Abbie, who serves as the Guild’s Vice President, noted. “It was a needed reminder that music connects us, no matter our backgrounds or identities.”

For more information on this performance or other School of Music events and activities, contact Caroline Francis (319) 273-2028, caroline.francis@uni.edu.