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Rebecca Burkhardt

Rebecca Burkhardt

Professor of Conducting and Music Theory, Music Director and Conductor, Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra

Reason for nomination:

"This is one example, out of many, that shows Dr. Burkhardt’s heart and care for her students: she has held two orchestra hangs since we have been out of school. During these calls, she makes sure to ask every single person on the call how they are, what they have been up to, and what they will be doing in the fall. She remembers every little detail of someone’s life and makes them feel valued and important. Dr. Burkhardt sat in her chair from 3-5pm just to maintain connection with her students and make sure they were okay. Her kindness and genuine interest in the lives of her students speaks volumes about who she is as a teacher, and as person."

Editor's note: this is just one of dozens of testimonies celebrating Dr. Burkhardt and congratulating her on her retirement from UNI this month. Congratulations and thank you for everything, Dr. Burkhardt! 


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