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Midwest International Conducting Symposium

Midwest International Conducting Symposium
March 18-24, 2017

Schedule of Events

All events listed below are free and open to the public. 

Monday, 20 March

9:30: Score Study I
13:00: Wind Symphony Rehearsal, Ronald Johnson, Davis Hall
15:10:  Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal, Rebecca Burkhardt, Davis Hall

Tuesday, 21 March

10:30: Score Study II
13:30: Claudio Re Session I
15:30: Symphonic Band Rehearsal, Daniel Galyen, Davis Hall

Wednesday, 22 March

9:30: Score Study III
13:00: Wind Symphony Rehearsal, Ronald Johnson, Davis Hall
15:10: Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal, Rebecca Burkhardt, Davis Hall

Thursday, 23 March

9:00: Northern Iowa Band Invitational, Great Hall
15:30: Symphonic Band Rehearsal, Daniel Galyen, Davis Hall

Friday, 24 March

10:00: Score Study IV
12:00: Clarinet Choir Rehearsal, Amanda McCandless, Davis Hall
13:00: Wind Seminar, Davis Hall
14:00: Claudio Re Session II
18:00: Faculty Recital: Heather Peyton, oboe, Davis Hall

About the Visiting Conductors

Erina Ferrarini

ErinaErina Ferrarini was born in 1984, and started her musical studies at age 9 at the Music School of the Bagnatica Wind Band in Bergamo. She studied music theory with Angelo Magli, and later began saxophone lessons with Giuseppe Belotti and Fabio Morzenti. In 1998, she ranked third in the solo category at the International Music Contest in Stresa (VB).

She continued her saxophone studies with Alfredo Caprotti and Luca Guerrini, and in 2011, received her Diploma from the Luca Marenzio Conservatory of Music in Brescia.

Presently, Erina works as saxophonist, as well as teaching theory and saxophone lessons, in several municipal bands in the province of Bergamo. She is a member of the Sax for Four Quartet. Since 2008, she is the conductor of the Wind Band of Gorlago (BG), and in 2013, was also appointed the conductor of the Wind Band of Montello (BG).

Her musical and conducting studies continued with Maestro Denis Salvini at the CFB (Centro Formazione Brescia), and she has participated in several conducting master classes with internationally renowned conductors such as Franco Cesarini, Lorenzo Della Fonte, Lorenzo Pusceddu, Andrea Gasperin, Bert Appermont (NL), and Ronald Johnson (USA).


Stefano Giacomelli 

StefanoStefano Giacomelli graduated with a Diploma in Clarinet from the Arrigo Pedrollo Conservatory of Music in Vicenza. After graduation, he continued studying bass clarinet in workshops and masterclass organized by the Josef Horack International Academy of Bass Clarinet, and studying with the soloist, Paolo De Gaspari. He has participated in numerous master classes and courses that are specifically dedicated to orchestral repertoire, clarinet and bass clarinet solo playing. 

He performs with several symphony orchestras and wind symphonies in northern Italy, and opera houses such as the Teatro Grande in Brescia and the Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo. He’s member of the Quadrophobia Wind Quartet, a distinct and unusual ensemble in the Italian musical panorama for repertoire and sonority.

In addition to his clarinet activity, he studied conducting for symphonic wind band with Denis Salvini at the Centro Formazione Bandistico Bresciano (CFB). He has participated in many masterclass with some important conductors such as Franco Cesarini (CH), Ronald Johnson (USA), Felix Hauswirth (SUI), Lorenzo Della Fonte (ITA), and Josè Rafael Pasqual Vilaplana (ESP). He also participated in a course for orchestral conducting with Roberto Rizzi Brignoli (ITA), and was selected to conduct the orchestra in the final concert.

He is presently the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Wind Band and Youth Band of Corpo Musicale Lenese “Vincenzo Capirola”, in Leno (BS) and conductor of the Youth Band of Civico Corpo Musicale “Luigi Pezzana” in Rovato (BS). In March of 2014, with the Youth Band of Leno, he won the “12° Giovani in Concorso”, a national competition for young bands.


Marta Lecchi

MartaMarta Lecchi earned her Diploma in Flute at the Luca Marenzio Conservatory of Music in Brescia, where she studied with Maestro Mauro Scappini. She continued her flute studies after graduation, attending several masterclasses with some of the most respected Italian flutists including Giampaolo Pretto, Marzo Zoni, Bruno Cavallo, Claudio Montafia, and Janos Balint (HU).

Marta earned a degree (with honors) in Primary Education, with an emphasis in Special Needs Education. The topic of her dissertation was “National Curriculum of Music Education in Primary School from 1985 to 2007”

In 2012, she began conducting study with Maestro Denis Salvini, and instrumentation and arranging studies with Maestro Arturo Andreoli. She furthered her conducting education, attending several workshops and masterclasses with lecturers and clinicians such as Ronald Johnson (USA), Felix Hauswirth (SUI). Lorenzo Della Fonte, Josè Rafael Pasqual Vilaplana (ESP), Carlo Pirola, Johan de Meij (NL), Claudio Mandonico, Angelo Bolciaghi and Giulio Piccinelli.

From 2005 to 2012, she was conductor of the Calcinato Youth Band, and since 2009 is also the conductor of the Montichiari Youth Band. Since 2010, she is the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Elia Marini Wind Orchestra in Calcinato. Additionally, she is, with friend and colleague Erina Ferrarini, the co-founder and co-director of The Women’s Wind Orchestra, a female-only ensemble from the Brescia and Bergamo provinces. 


Marco Rampini

MarcoMarco Rampini, born in 1986, began his musical studies in 1994, taking clarinet lessons with Mariagrazia Panuccio.  His first ensemble experience was with the Civico Corpo Bandistico San Cecilia in Manerbio (Bs), under the leadership of Maestro Arturo Andreoli.

Marco is trained as a professional Healthcare Educator (2008), but also began teaching clarinet lessons at Lorenzo Manfredini Scuola di Musica in Manerbio in 2010. He began teaching chamber music and solfege at the school in 2011.

He attended conducting courses with Maestro Arturo Andreoli, learning the fundamentals of conducting. Afterwards, he continued conducting studies in yearly courses with Maestro Denis Salvini, Arturo Andreoli, and a summer course with Maestro Lorenzo della Fonte.

He has also attended supplementary conducting seminars with international renowned conductors such as Ronald Johnson (USA), Felix Hauswirth (SUI), Lorenzo della Fonte (IT), and Rafael Pascual Vilaplana (ESP).

Beginning in January, 20117, Marco will conduct the Capriano del Colle band in the province of Brescia. 


Davide Sottini 

Davide Sottini

Davide Sottini began his studies in the Borgosatollo Music School and municipal band, and later attended the Luca Marenzio Conservatory of Music in Brescia, graduating with a Diploma in Percussion and Music Education. Since 1995, he has been associated with several music schools in the province of Brescia; teaching percussion, ensembles, and introductory music classes.  As a percussionist, he has performed with wind orchestras, symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, and choirs.

He has participated in several Conducting Master Classes offered by mny of the prominent conductors of northern Italy.  These include Arturo Andreoli, Denis Salvini, Lorenzo Della Fonte, and Franco Cesarini.  He has also studied with Dutch composer, Hardy Mertens; American conductor; Ronald Johnson, and Swiss conductor, Felix Hauswirth.