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Orchestra: Ensemble Auditions

Fall 2020 String Ensemble Auditions

Orchestra: Ensemble Auditions

String auditions for the Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra will be held on Sunday, August 16 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Davis Hall (GBPAC 2).  If you have previously auditioned for acceptance into the School of Music or for Scholarship consideration, then this audition is for chair placement. For all others, this will serve as your audition for the orchestra.

All string students should prepare the following excerpts from Beethoven Symphony No. 1. There are many fine recordings of this work to guide your tempo and style choices.

2020 String Ensemble Excerpts (please click here to view a PDF of the excerpts)

To sign up for an audition time follow the link below:

String Ensemble Audition Signup

All wind players and percussionists who wish to be considered for orchestra please see the information under Wind and Percussion: Ensemble Auditions

If there are questions or concerns, please contact: Erik Rohde, Conductor, Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra (erik.rohde@uni.edu).

COVID-19 Guidelines for String Auditions

  1. Students should arrive at GBPAC and unpack instruments in the student lounge outside of Davis Hall while maintaining a 6 foot distance from other students for proper social distancing.

  2. Students must wear a facemask throughout the entire process of auditioning, including unpacking, warmup, audition, and packing/departure.

  3. There will be a separate entrance and exit door which will be marked for your arrival.

  4. You must bring your own music for your audition to avoid spreading germs through shared music.

  5. When you enter the audition room, you will be invited to play a scale of your choice, and then proceed to the assigned excerpts.

  6. At the conclusion of your audition, you must wipe down your audition area (stand, chair) for the next person.  Paper towels and spray or wipes will be provided.

  7. After you exit the room, please proceed through the hallway to the entrance door to let the next student know their time has arrived.