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Writing Requirements

A final written document is required of all graduate students.

Students in the Master of Arts or Master of Music in Music Education degree programs must submit either an approved Research Paper to the School of Music or a Masters Thesis to the Graduate College prior to graduation.

Students in the Master of Music in Performance, Composition, or Conducting programs must submit a Recital Abstract to the Graduate College along with required documentation. Conducting students must also submit a Conducting Document to the School of Music.

Recitals and Recital Abstracts follow the procedures and policies set forth by the Graduate College in reference to master's Theses. Research Papers are internal requirements and follow Departmental procedures for completion.

The Graduate College has set forth policies and procedures for completing master's Theses and Recital Abstracts in the University Catalog-Bulletin and the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual. Students should become familiar with policies and procedures -- especially deadlines -- early in the degree program.

A preview meeting must be scheduled during the first eight weeks of the semester in which the student wishes to graduate (exact dates will be posted by the Graduate College). The preview meeting is scheduled with the Graduate College Thesis Reader who will check for appropriate formatting. All formatting MUST adhere to the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual.

Three copies of the final version of a Thesis or Recital Abstract is due in the Graduate College, along with forms and fees discussed during the preview meeting, at the end of the 10th week of the semester in which the student wishes to graduate (exact dates will be posted). Final versions of the Recital Abstracts are due at this time -- regardless of when the actual Recital has taken place. All copies must be on acid-free paper.

Recital approval documentation is due to the Graduate College on the published deadline for thesis submission, which is at the end of the 10th week during the semester in which the student wishes to graduate. Recital approval documentation includes a signed approval form, two recordings of the Recital, and two copies of the concert program (formatted using the Graduate College Thesis and Dissertation Manual and copied on acid-free paper).

Students completing internal writing requirements, such as the Conducting Document or Research Papers, must present two copies of the final version of the paper to the Associate Director for Graduate Studies in Music one  week prior to the last day of classes in the semester in which the student wishes to graduate. Each copy should include a signed approval page.

Faculty chairpersons of graduate committees normally* may  take two weeks to read the first draft of abstracts/ research  papers/theses/conducting documents.  After the student has finished  significant revisions with the guidance of the CHAIRPERSON then the  student may submit the document to other members of the committee. Normally* other committee members will take one week to read/comment and return  the document to the student.  (*Students must communicate their submission  time line with all committee members. Many faculty are unavailable  within a given one-two week period for performances, professional travel and  University commitments. Committee members will not be required to read  documents during the final two weeks of  regular class for the semester. Please Note: With the exception of some faculty in the Music Education Division, committee members are NOT normally available during summer months. Therefore students who wish to graduate in the summer should plan to have all the requirements for their written document completed by the end of the spring semester.)