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Research Paper

All candidates for the Master of Arts degree, and those students in the Master of Music in Music Education degree program who elect the non-Thesis option, are required to write, and submit for approval, a Research Paper.

This research paper may emanate from one of the courses required for the degree, but may not duplicate in whole or part a paper submitted in the fulfillment of course requirements. It may be generated independent of course requirements. The recommended length of the completed Research Paper is twenty to thirty (20-30) typewritten pages. The Research Paper must indicate that the student can conduct research, document accurately, and write at the graduate level. There should be evidence of style in the craft of writing and purpose and structure in the finished product. The paper need not contribute to a specific body of knowledge as in a Thesis. It should, however, reflect a thorough understanding and knowledge of the specific area of the Research Paper.

The Associate Director for Graduate Studies in Music, in consultation with each student, and will assign a Research Paper Committee. The Committee will consist of a minimum of two members of the Graduate Faculty in Music (may have up to 3) and will be chaired by a faculty member in the student's primary area of study (music education, piano pedagogy, etc.). The chair must be a full member of the Graduate Faculty; other committee members may have Associate or Full Graduate Faculty status.

A form cover sheet must be submitted with each version to the committee members. It must state the names of faculty on the committee, beginning with the chair, and have blanks for dates when each member completes his/her revisions within a reasonable amount of time. The paper will then be returned to the  student.

The School of Music procedure for writing a Research Paper

  1. Discuss proposed project with major professor.
  2. After approval is granted, the student should begin collection of data pertinent to project. If data will be collected from human subjects, permission must be obtained from the Graduate College by submitting the Human Subjects Review Form available from the Graduate College. Students are advised to remain in frequent contact with all members of the committee throughout this process. The Research Paper should conform in scope and content to the original proposal. Deviations from the approved research format must be approved by the Research Committee.
  3. The major professor shall review and revise the initial drafts of the paper before submitting to the other members of the committee.
  4. Final copy of Research Paper must be filed in Graduate Music Office with a completed signature page.

Criteria for the Final Research Paper M.M. Music Education

  1. The paper is expected to demonstrate a practical understanding of scholarly process in the systematic investigation of a research problem.
  2. The topic of the paper will be based on a problem that can be systematically investigated. It will be built upon a logically structured research design.
  3. The paper will be developed from a formal written proposal that has been approved by the graduate student's Research Paper Committee. This proposal will outline study design and include the research problem, a selected literature review, and the method by which the problem will be investigated.
  4. The paper must follow the form and content of the accepted Research Paper proposal and can only be changed by approval of the Associate Director for Graduate Studies in Music, Chair of Music Education, and all members of the student's Research Paper Committee.
  5. The paper will adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) 5th edition.