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Conducting Document

Conducting students will research and write a document based, at least in part, on the literature selected for the Graduate Conducting Recital. The specific topic should be selected in consultation with the major teacher and will be historical, analytical, and/or technical in nature. The document, in combination with the Recital Performance, should be of sufficient scope (25-30 typed pages minimum) and conform in every aspect to Thesis standards regarding proper research methodology, writing style, and format.

A form cover sheet must be submitted with each version to the committee members. It must state the names of faculty on the committee, beginning with the chair, and have blanks for dates when each member completes his/her revisions. The paper will then be returned to the student.

The final form of the document shall be filed with the Associate Director for Graduate Studies in Music one week prior to the final day of class during the semester the student wishes to graduate and will be kept in the School of Music Graduate Office.