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Plan of Study Major Templates

Plan of Study Major Templates

A Plan of Study for each degree program is included on the Plan of Study website. The template is a semester by semester suggested course schedule. It is very important that you and your advisor create a master plan for your coursework at UNI at the end of your freshman or beginning of sophomore year. Update and revise the plan as needed every semester. The POS Major Templates should be carefully considered when planning your four years here because there are many music courses that are offered only in the Fall or Spring semester. If you do not follow the suggested templates you may not be able to graduate in four years.

Listed below are some of the courses that have specific semester offerings.

Theory I, III Theory II, IV
Sight-Singing I, III Sight-Singing II, IV
Aural Training I, III Aural Training II, IV
Diction II Diction I
Conducting I Conducting II
Elem/Gen Methods & Materials Secondary Methods & Materials
Opera History History of American Musical (when offered)
Brass Instrumental Techniques Strings Instrumental Techniques
Marching Band

There are other course offerings, for example Counterpoint, Orchestration, Performance Literature and Vocal Pedagogy, which vary from year to year. Consult your advisor or area chair to determine when the courses you desire will be offered. Plan early and review plans often!