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Graduate Committees


Each student should form a graduate committee at the end of his/her first year of study. This committee will guide the student in the preparation of the final graduate recital(s) and/or written documents (MA - thesis or research paper; MM recital abstract, thesis, project, and/or research paper; MM conducting document), as well as supervise final comprehensive examinations in the student's specialization area and other proficiency requirements as applicable. 

Graduate committees must be comprised of:

1. For MM thesis and/or recital abstract committees: 3 full graduate faculty members; associate members may serve as additional committee members or readers only, and are not eligible to chair a graduate committee.

2. For MA or MM Music Education research paper committees: at least 2 but no more than 3 committee members; the chair must be a full member of the graduate faculty, and remaining members may be associate or full graduate faculty members.


You may wish to consult your major professor in your area for assistance in determining your committee. Fill out forms as follows:

ALL STUDENTS: Fill out the School of Music MM/MA Committee Approval form


STUDENTS WRITING A THESIS/RECITAL ABSTRACT: Please also fill out the Graduate College Committee Approval form. (This link will take you to the online form which will be submitted via MyUNIverse.)