BA in Jazz Studies Audition Requirements

BA in Music, Jazz Studies Track

Audition Requirements:

  • The audition can happen anytime during the student’s academic career, but the degree program is open to students only once they have completed their first year at UNI. Typically, students will complete the audition in the second semester of the freshman year (or first year at UNI in the case of transfer students). 

  • There is no restriction on registration for jazz area coursework, so students are encouraged to take jazz courses in their freshman year. However, the large ensemble requirement changes once a student is admitted to the Jazz BA track.

  • The student should contact Professor Merz and Dr. Conrad well in advance to inform them of the intent to audition.

  • The audition will consist of a short program of jazz music and Great American Songbook standards prepared with a group of the auditioner’s choosing. The program should include three selections. The auditioner is responsible for:

    • Selecting repertoire

    • Lining up the ensemble

    • Scheduling rehearsals as well as venues (through Prof. Merz or Dr. Conrad)

    • Working out all performance particulars (introductions, solo order, endings, etc)

    • Setting up the audition time with Professor Merz and Dr Conrad 

  • The auditioner should plan to play the melody and improvise on all selections EXCEPT:

    • Drummers should plan to play at least one melody orchestrated on the drum set

    • Bassists should plan to play at least two of the melodies.