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Percussion Repertoire

Suggested Repertoire - Percussion

Please show proficiency in as many instruments/categories listed below as you’re able. 


Snare Drum

1 Concert Etude/Solo 
Portraits in Rhythm, Cirone
Douze Etudes, Delecluse
Intermediate Snare Drum Studies, Peters

1 Rudimental Etude/Solo 
The All-American Drummer or Modern Rudimental Swing Solos, C.H. Wilcoxon 
14 Modern Contest Solos, Pratt (Choose a solo similar to “Drum Corps on Parade”)
Nine French-American Rudimental Solos, Tompkins 



(preferably for 4 drums)
Sonata for Timpani, John Beck
Etudes from Modern Method for Timpani, Goodman
Etudes from Etuden fur Timpani Volume 1, Hochrainer
Peddle to the Kettle, Kirk Gay


1 Two-mallet solo 
Any Solos/etudes by Green, Goldenberg, Peters, Hatch, McMillan, Gottlieb 
Modern School for Xylophone by Goldenberg 
Fundamental Method for Mallets, Peters 
Funny Mallets, Zivkovic 
Xylophone Rags of George Hamilton Green

1 Four-mallet solo (or excerpt approximately 2-3 minutes in length)
Rain Dance, Mbira Song- Alice Gomez
Yellow After the Rain- Mitchell Peters
Frogs, Michi, Dream of the Cherry Blossoms, Wind in the Bamboo Grove- Keiko Abe
Etudes/Solos from “Image- 20 Children’s Songs for Marimba”, Bart Quartier
Rhythm Song, Virginia Tate, Etude 1-  Smadbeck