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Jazz Repertoire

Suggested Repertoire - Jazz


Horn Players (Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone) and Piano/Guitar

Medium blues (choice of key) - play memorized "head" and three improvised choruses

Medium-up bebop tune (e.g. Oleo, Confirmation, Donna Lee, etc.) - play memorized "head" and two choruses

Ballad - play memorized "head" and one chorus

Be prepared for sight reading (both melody and chord changes).

If you are not an improviser, but have a specialty such as lead playing, indicate same. Prepare 1-2 excerpts that display your ability and be prepared to sight-read.

Pianists and guitarists should demonstrate comping ability for the above.

Note: Plan to bring a "play-along" recording - such as Aebersold - in the event a live rhythm section is unavailable.


Be prepared to walk bass lines in a variety of tempi for the following progressions:

  • F blues
  • Bb rhythm" changes

Be prepared to play the appropriate feels for the following styles:

  • bossa nova
  • samba
  • ballad

Play a jazz "head" (melody) of your choice.

Be prepared to sight-read.


Be prepared to play alternating 4-bar phrases of time and filling in the following styles in a variety of tempi

  • swing
  • bossa nova
  • samba

Demonstrate ability to play brushes at a variety of tempi, including ballad.

Be prepared to perform various styles with a live rhythm section.

Be prepared to sight-read a big band chart.