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Brass Repertoire

Suggested Repertoire - Brass

Prospective students should choose contrasting selections in order to demonstrate musicianship, tone quality, technical ability, and range. This can be accomplished through two separate movements of the same or different compositions. It is possible that one movement will demonstrate all that is needed.

Please consider the following compositions as a general guide. Works similar in style to those listed below may be substituted. Select pieces with which you are comfortable and that portray your playing at its very best! Etudes can also be considered.

Students will be expected to demonstrate prowess on all major scales, while some knowledge of minor scales will be viewed upon favorably. In addition, sight-reading may be expected at the discretion of the audition committee.



Arutunian - Concerto
Barat - Andante et Scherzo
Bozza - Rustiques
Corelli - Sonata VIII
Handel/Fitzgerald - Aria con Variazioni
Haydn - Concerto
Hummel - Concerto
Kennan - Sonata
Peeters - Sonata
Ropartz - Andante et Allegro



Bozza - Chant Loitain
Dukas - Villanelle
Mozart - Any Concerto
Roper - Concertino
Saint-Saens - Morceau du Concert(sections 1 & 2)
F. Strauss - Concerto, Op. 8
R. Strauss - Concerto No. 1, Op. 11
Effinger - Rondino



Required: Pg. 11 mm. 1-16 from Voxman Selected Studies (quarter-note = 82) in addition to one of the following:

Barat - Andante et Allegro
Blazhevich - Concert Piece No. 5
De La Nux - Concert Piece
Galliard - Any Sonata
Guilmant - Morceau Symphonique (Concert Piece)
Jacob - Concerto 
Larsson - Concertino (Mvt. 1 or 3)
Marcello - Any Sonata
Pryor - Annie Laurie
Ropartz - Andante et Allegro
Saint-Saens - Cavatine
Telemann - Sonata in f minor


Bass Trombone

Required: Pg. 2 mm. 1-16 from Grigoriev, 24 Studies (quarter-note = 60) in addition to one of the following:

Tcherepnin – Andante
Lebedev – Concerto in One Movement
Galliard – Sonata (Any) Bass Trombone Edition
Barat – Introduction and Dance
Defaye – Deux Danses (bass trombone edition)
Vaughn Williams – Six Studies in English Folksong
Richard Lieb - Concertino Basso
Ernst Sachse – Concertino
Gordon Jacob – Cameos (mvts. 1,2, and 3)


Suggested: One etude from either the Tyrell 40 Studies or the Rochut Melodious Etudes

Barat - Introduction & Dance
Capuzzi - Andante and Rondo
Curnow - Rhapsody
Galliard - Sonatas 1-6
Guilmant - Morceau Symphonique
Handel/Fitzgerald - Aria con Variazioni
Marcello - Sonata in F
Ropartz - Andante et Alegro
Schuman/Droste - 5 Pieces in Folk Style
Vaughan Williams - 6 Studies in English Folksong
White - Lyric Suite



Suggested: One etude from either the Blazhevich 40 Studies or the Rochut/Bordogni Melodious Etudes.

Bach/Bell - Air and Bourree
Barat - Introduction and Dance
Capuzzi - Andante and Rondo
Curnow - Concertina
Haddad - Suite
Handel/R. Winston Morris - Sonata no. 6
Holmes - Lento
Marcello/Little - Sonata No. 1 or 5
Nelhybel - Suite
Rachmaninoff - Vocalise
Vaughan - Concert Piece no. 1