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Graduate Scholarships & Assistantships

Graduate Scholarships & Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships and/or Tuition Scholarships are only available to students who are working full-time toward a graduate degree. Part-time students or students working toward an Artist’s Diploma are not eligible.

There are two different types of support available: a) The Graduate Tuition Scholarship and b) The Graduate Assistant Stipend. A student may receive one or both of these awards. A student may receive a full or half award.

The Graduate Tuition Scholarship is an award which pays for all or one-half of a students’ tuition. It does not cover any non-tuition expenses such as university fees or the cost of books. Students who receive only the Graduate Tuition Scholarship are not required to perform any services or work assignments as a condition of their scholarship.

The Graduate Assistantship is funding awarded to graduate students in exchange for employment as a Graduate Assistant in the department. A full award is for 20 hours per week of employment, and a half award is for 10 hours per week.

The applicant must complete all items on the Application for Graduate Tuition Scholarship form and/or the Application for Graduate Assistant Stipend form available athttp://www.grad.uni.edu/assistantships. This page contains important information regarding scholarships and assistantships at UNI.

Complete job descriptions for Graduate Assistantship positions in the School of Music are available by clicking here.

If you are applying for a Graduate Assistantship and/or Tuition Scholarship, all application materials/paperwork must be received and auditions and interviews must be completed by February 15th. In addition to all required application materials:

  1. If you are applying for a Graduate Assistantship and/or a Tuition Scholarship, please complete the appropriate forms, available athttp://www.grad.uni.edu/assistantships.
  2. Submit a curriculum vitae or resume detailing your experience and qualifications

To submit the online GA Hours Submission form, please click here.